Litter Planning: we have got puppies from a top-combination in character and beauty

Kefira with puppies

Due to the fact that unfortunately we haven't had puppies so far in 2001, we are particularly happy with the puppies of Kefira Kabbala van Diaspora. As sire we chose one of the most successful males in the history of the Doberman-breed, who passes on his typical qualities: Wanja-Wandor van Stevinhage. We are expecting in combination with the high standard of Kefira outstanding puppies both in character and in confirmation.

With this combination we pursue two well known bloodlines of champions, which influenced the breed during decades worldwide. Hopefully we can add our part to the continuation of the successes of family Kuipers-Kossen (van Diaspora) and Eric van Dongen (van Stevinhage).



Kefira Kabbala van Diaspora
HD 1, ZTP (H. Wiblishauser), BH 
Hessen-Siegerin - Best of Beauty (N. Daube), Saarland-Jugendsiegerin (K. Gendrung), Kurpfalzjugendsiegerin (Dr. Lebold), Europasiegerzuchtschau 1998: SG 2 in der Jugendklasse
Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP): Temperament, readiness for working und working drives high
(Irinus de Ferignis - Multichampion, IPO 3, ZTP Exc. 1A
x Dina Delila van Diaspora - Multichampion, IPO I, ZTP Exc. 1A)

Kefira Kabbala van Diaspora comes from the well known Dobermann Kennel  "van Diaspora".  This Kennel was during decades a guarantee for champions spreaded all over the world. Kefira ist is one of the last breeding bitches, assuring the continuation of that marvelous breeding line of numerous champions - due to the fact, that the family Kuipers-Kossen gave up breeding in 2000.

Kefira is a typical "van Diaspora": her short and compact body is completed with a dry neck and a wonderful, typical head.

Kefira passed her Fit for Breeding Test (ZTP) with a high degree of temperament, working drives and readiness for working. She loves the working field and it is marvelous to see her work in obedience and manwork.

As a successful bitch in conformation Kefira won with internationally recogniced judges: N. Daube (Hauptzuchtwart DC Germany), Dr. Lebold (former President DC France), C. Pettko (former President DC Ungarn), K. Gendrung (Member of the Board VDH Germany). 

Both of Kefira's parents have produced numerous champions.  Click here for more information about her pedigree.

Wanja-Wandor van Stevinhage
HD 1, IPO 3, SchH 3, ADPr, ZTP,  BH 
World-Champion FCI, IDC
World-Champion , European Champion VDH & FCI, Bundessieger (2x), DV-Sieger, Belgian and Tchech Clubsieger, Bundes and DV Youth-Sieger
German Champion (DV & VDH), International-, Luxemburgish-, Israelian-, Belgian-, Italian-, Polnish-, Tchech- and Hungarian Champion
(Jivago van het Wantij - Multichampion, angekört auf Lebenszeit ZVA I A, IPO 3, ZTP
x Jätta van Stevinhage - Multichampion, HD 2, IPO I, ZTP)

Wanja Wandor van Stevinhage is one of the last "van Stevinhage" - Champions and at the same the most successful one. Unfortunately, Eric van Dongen, Wanja's breeder, died much too early and could not participate in Wanja's great successes in 2000. On the other hand, those marvelous wins will help, to maintain the memory of Eric in the future breed.

When we saw Wanja first, he was still in his litter and 5 weeks old. At that time we naturally could not foresee, how much success he would have within a few years.

Wanja has always been a particularly balanced dog in terms of character and beauty. He tolerates any kind of situation supremely well, what can impressively be seen in the honour ring of international exhibitions: his owner Detlev Köhler often exposes Wanja in the confusion of all the "Best in Race" without collar and leash by himself. 

At the same time Wanja proved his qualities as a reliable working dog many times.  His father Jivago van het Wantij certainly contributed to the working capabilities of Wanja. He passed the tough German Körung for livetime with best grades ZVA I A.

Both of Wanja's parents have produced numerous champions.  Click here for more information about his pedigree.